How to track custom events

How to track custom events with the Live Chat

Receiving Information from Customerly Live Chat

If you'd like to send Customerly events to an outside platform or customize Customerly using specific events, you can use our Live Chat API.

How to show/hide the Live Chat widget in specific pages

Do you want to hide the live chat in specific pages? This is how to do it manually

How to add a user or lead tag

Add user or lead tags to create custom actions like funnels

How To Create Or Update A User Or Lead Via API

If you want to synchronize your backend with Customerly you can by using our API. First of all, you will need an App Token to use Customerly API

How to authenticate automatically people with custom data via JS API

If you want to authenticate automatically users within the live chat, you can easily do it.

Is it possible to open the live chat directly from a link or a custom button?

How you can open the live chat from a link or a button on your website

How to control the live chat widget custom features

If you want to hide the widget on mobile, remove the screenshot feature or the attachments, this is the tutorial for you

How to force single conversation and avoiding multiple conversations opened?

If you want to avoid that multiple conversations will be opened you can use this simple setting

How to open a new conversation from a user to a teammate via API

If you want to create a new conversation and assign it to a specific teammate via API you can do it with this tutorial

How to convert a lead into a user

If you want to convert any lead to a user you can follow our API guide.

How to unsubscribe your contacts via API

Learn how to unsubscribe your contacts in a bulk

How to get an API access token

If you need to receive the API access token, check out these few steps