How to create a new email template

If you want to use email templates for your campaigns or funnel this is the tutorial to read

How to create a new folder to organize your email templates

If you manage a different kind of email templates you can group them into different folders

How to check email campaign stats

If you want to check your email templates stats, open rate, click rate, unsubscribes this is the right tutorial

How to avoid Outlook and hotmail spam folder

Here is how to double-check your email outbound for Outlook and Hotmail

How to add Customerly SPF with an existing SPF record?

If you want to add Customerly SPF record on top of what you are already using follow this tutorial

How to send a live chat message campaign to your users

If you want to deliver a message to all your users or a segment of them, you can use the campaigns feature and deliver via live chat

How to block or unsubscribe the leads and users

If you want to know how to unsubscribe or block your leads or users, here are the steps you should take.