How to check newsletter stats

Learn how to check the newsletter stats

Here are the steps you should take to check the newsletter stats:

1. Go to the Campaigns section
2. Click on a campaign you want to check the stats in on the left menu
3. Now you can see the number of contacts you sent the email to, open rate, reply rate, click to open, how many of your contacts unsubscribed, and the bounce rate
Click on any stat to see more detailed information about it

Also, you can see the performance of the users/leads in the first 24 hours, which will give you more insights into the client's responsiveness.

If you click on Click to Open you will see who clicked on a newsletter link.

If you want to check who replied to a newsletter, click on Replies, and on the right menu, you will see the list of people who replied, to be able to check their reply, just click on your contact and you will be transferred to the page where you can see all the conversations.

In the Unsubscribe stat, you can also see who unsubscribed from a newsletter and the reason why they unsubscribed.

Isn't it cool? now you can understand your audience better! 🙂