How to create a new email template

If you want to use email templates for your campaigns or funnel this is the tutorial to read

Email templates are great to build a design for all your communications. 

Insert your logo on top and social links on the footer for example for all your emails. 

To create a new template follow the steps below.

1. Go on your Project settings by clicking on the top-right menu

2. Select Emails, then select Templates 

From here you can choose an existing template to start editing your own. Choose first if you want to start with a Graphic design or HTML.

If you want to use your own HTML template, choose Basic HTML and proceed. 

Let's start with a Graphic design template and click on "Use this model".

Now let's give our template a name and click on the right green button.

Now that you have your first template in your list, click on more actions and then Edit.

You will be prompted with a template editor.

On the right sidebar, if you select Settings, you can edit the main settings such background color, image, and width size.

On the content section of the right sidebar, you will have the content items you can drag and drop to fulfill your sections.

Try to drag and drop a Text item into one of your sections.

Insert some text you want to use in your templates like your signature for example.

If you want to add another section click on the button "Add a section"

You will be prompted with a series of sections to choose from. Choose one.

On the right you have some controls to edit your section for example:

  • Edit the main section settings
  • Duplicate it
  • Delete it
  • Move your section below or above another

When you click on a specific element on your template (image, text, button) you will have on your right sidebar a series of options to customize it.

You can use the Show/Hide Guides button to preview your template without them.

When you completed your template click on the top right button to save the changes.

If you want to check a template preview on your actual mail app, click on more actions, then send a preview email.

Now insert the email you want to send the preview to and click the right button.

P.s. you can send multiple emails by separating them with a comma.