How to download CSV/XLS file with the list of contacts based on their action in campaigns

Learn how you can download an XLS/ CSV file with campaign stats

The campaign contacts list can be downloaded in XLS or CSV formats. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to the contacts section.
2. Once you are there, click on "Create Filters" on the right side.

3. Select "Campaign" filter.

4. Select a campaign you are interested in from the campaigns list.

5. Under "Condition" select a stat you would like to download on your desktop such as Seen, Clicked, Not Clicked and so on.

5. Click on "Apply Filter".

6. Once you applied the filter, you will see a list of contacts with the "Actions" button on top. Click on it and select "Download CSV" or "Download XLS".

You will have to select conditions one by one in filters and download the file per each selected stat in condition.

Done! 🙂