Learn how to set up DNS with GoDaddy

Learn how to set up DNS with GoDaddy

If you are ready to set up DNS to start your journey with Customerly and use email marketing, it can be achieved with different providers. In this article, we will talk about how to set up your DNS with GoDaddy.

1. Go to Settings
2. Select "Outbound" under the Emails section
3. Click on Add Domain

4. Give a name to your domain. Click on "Add Domain".

5.  Then you will see the "Let's connect your DNS to Customerly. Let's add the DKIM to verify your domain identity" pop-up.

6. Now you need to create a TXT Record as shown on the pop-up.
Go to your GoDaddy account. Click on "Add" on the DNS Managment page.

And select TXT Record from the list.

Here is how it will look:

9. Then start copying and pasting string from Customerly to GoDaddy:

Copy and paste the first part of the string from the Customerly Domains page to the Host field in GoDaddy.
Copy and paste the string from Customerly to TXT Value.
Select TTL (time) and click "Save".

Once done with all the previous steps, click on "Next: Configure SPF Record" green button in the bottom right corner in Customerly.

11. Then you need to configure another TXT record for the SPF in Godaddy.
Click on "Add" and select "TXT Record" from the list, then copy and paste the following string which is "@" (look at the screenshot below) to the Host field.

Then copy and paste the string from step 3 to the TXT value. Select time. Click on "Save".

Go back to Customerly. Then click on "Next: Verify DNS". Click "verify DNS now" after.

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours to verify DNS.

Once all is done, wait for 24 hours and go back to the Outbound settings to check your DNS if it has been verified.