How to collect visitors leads email and name in the conversations

Do you want to ask your visitors for an email before starting the conversation? This tutorial is for you

If you are getting messages from people with strange random names is because, by default, every project has the "Anonymous chat" enabled. 

The live chat has two ways to work: Asking for an email to start the conversation or anonymously. 

  • Email required PRO 
    • Higher intent from your leads
    • When the Lead leaves your website you will be able to reach it automatically via email
    • You don't need to be there 24/7 to reply to them
    • You can profile them further with Automated Questions
    • You can start a funnel to nurture them after they start a conversation
  • Email required CONS
    •  less conversation started because of the higher friction
  • Anonymously PRO
    • A higher conversion rate of conversation started
  • Anonymously CONS
    • If they leave your website you will not be able to reach them anymore
    • You need to have 24/7 support to properly convert a visitor conversation into an actual customer

It's up on you. If you have the power to reply instantly I'd suggest using the Anonymous chats. Otherwise, just deselect the "Anonymous chat".