How to delete contacts, leads or users in bulk?

If you want to delete a specific list of contacts to clean your contact list, you can do it in this way.

First of all, go to the Funnel section and start a new funnel. 

From here select the "I'm creative" template to start a funnel from scratch.

1. Now click on the Entry point action to open the editor sidebar

2. From the sidebar select the contact type (All, Users or Leads)

3. Select the Segment type to filter on

4. Now select your previously created filter ('to clean')

5. Save the filter

Now that we have chosen the selection of our audience, let's give a name to the entry point to remember what this is about.

Now we need to add a Delete contact action to our funnel, to achieve so:

1. On the left sidebar, scroll down and click on the Delete contact action

2. Once this has been placed, connect it by drag a connection line between the bottom of our entry point and the top of our Delete contact action

3. Now let's click on continue

Now Let's name this funnel and then select all week to run continuously this funnel.

Scroll down and click on Publish.

You are all set. We are going to delete all the contacts satisfying the conditions of the selected Entry point continuously. 

Mind that the funnels have an execution time that can last up to 15 minutes.