Track custom properties

How to track custom properties and how to use them to create an email campaign or a funnel

Build your custom audience

Defining an audience or segment is the most important part of every marketing campaign. The more specific and targeted is your message the more effective will be. This is why we offer a killer audience creation system.

Ask for reviews after the conversation has been solved

If you want to create a flow to ask a review after a conversation has been solved this is the quick tutorial to make it happen easily

Create a new team

This is the way to create a new team

How To Populate Customerly With Your Data

In order to populate Customerly with your data to deliver an email campaign or to build an automation, you have several choices to start from.

Assign Conversation To Multiple Teammates

Is it possible to notify all teammates if a conversation has started? Yes, it is. And it’s simple. You need to assign the incoming conversations to a team shared with all your teammates.

How to get my Project ID or App ID?

An App ID is your Application Identifier for your website. We require an App ID to properly identify your Live Chat widget on your website.

Visitors, Users and Leads and: what's the difference?

Customerly treats the users and leads differently. Understand what they are in this article

How to create a tag?

How To Integrate Customerly With Zapier

Do you want to connect Customerly with another service? Use Zapier to achieve this.

How to download the mobile version of Customerly?

Bring your customer service wherever you go with Customerly mobile apps.

How to catch mysterious lights

Dedicated to all the Product Hunt users. This article is meant to save a lot of cats from the mysterious lights.