How to import a contact list

Learn on how to import your contact list to Customerly

You can easily import an existing list of contacts to Customerly. We made it very simple, so your journey with us is easy and clear.

You can import/ create contacts with:


- JavaScript API

- Import with CSV and XLS file

- Zapier

- WP Fusion

- Single manual import

1. First, go to the Settings. On the left bar find "Audience", click on "Import People".

You will see that you can import existing users list via CSV, XLS files, paste your contacts emails to the field and import via Zapier.

2. Let's click on "Import via XLS".

3. You will be redirected to "Complete your Import" page:

- Do not forget to select a type of people you want to select - users or leads? Check this article to see a difference between users and leads.

- Then match imported columns with properties. We have the properties that you need to match for them to work.
For example, for the first name we select "name" property, for the email address we select "email" property, for the last name we need to create a new property because this is not a default property on Customerly, select "Create new property" and type "last_name".
Check this article about which properties you shouldn't match.

Watch this video for more details:

4. Click on "Complete import".
5. Check the imported list in "Imported list" page.

This is it. Enjoy Customerly! 🙂