How to create a project as a testing environment for your Live Chat software

Do you want to start testing your live chat software and not sure if you want to do it in your newly created project? Check this tutorial on how to create the second project for your testing environment.

If you created a Customerly account and a new project, you are probably wondering how you can test the live chat software before you dive deep into communication with your clients.
For the test environment purposes, we advise you to create another project on Basic free plan and test out everything with that app ID. When you are ready to go to production, you will need to switch the app ID only.

Here is how you can create a new project:

1. Click on the left bottom profile picture

2. Click on Add a new project
Do through the project creation steps as shown on the GIF image.

3. Done! If you click on the profile picture, you will see a freshly created project on the list. What is even more awesome is that it's already on the Basic free plan automatically. 

Welcome to Customerly! 🙂 💪