How to select language of your live chat

If you need to change a language of the live chat software, Customerly provides this flexibility

Customerly live chat software supports 16 languages. You can select the main language for your live chat, but one of the many great, flexible characteristics of it is that the live chat adapts to the browser language of your customers. 

If your customer uses English as a main browser language, the live chat will be shown in English. To change that behavior, you can force the main language of the live chat in the settings and after use a code for it. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to Settings
2. Under "Messenger" select "Basics"

3. Scroll down the page and under "Force Live Chat Main Language" select the main language of your live chat

4. Save settings

5. Control your live chat behavior with the JavaScript code:

If you want to force the main language you select in your dashboard, add the autodetectLocale option and use false.  

We accept true or false values.

autodetectLocale: false

Watch the video about how to select language of your live chat

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