How to send your NPS survey?

If you want to deliver your NPS survey this is the right tutorial to start

If you want to collect NPS votes via email you can deliver your first NPS campaign. 

This is how the NPS email looks like 🙂 

We use your project name to ask the default NPS question. 

The NPS Email template cannot be customized.

First of all, click on the NPS section on the lefy side of the menu.

1. From here click on the top right button to enable NPS. 

2. Choose your audience to deliver your NPS to

     Let's say you want to deliver your survey to all the users that have been using your platform for more than 30 days.

     Add the condition on the First Seen At property Date more than  30 days.

3. Choose your timing of sending. Eg. 9 am-5 pm during business days. 

4. Enable the NPS.

From now on, every new user that is going to meet the condition will receive the NPS email. 

Remember: The NPS email is limited to just one vote per person. Once one person has received the email we will not send it again.