How to profile your Leads automatically

Create a flow to save time and profile your incoming leads automatically

How To Hide A Teammate From Public

If you want to hide a specific teammate from your Live Chat widget you can do it on your settings. Let’s do it together.

Invite collaborators

Would you share your Customerly app with some of your collaborators? Work with your team. Share with them conversations, campaigns, funnel and statistics

How to hide live chat when you are out of office

If you want to hide from your website the Live Chat bubble when you are out of office you can do it easily.

How To Add Welcome Message In Live Chat

Welcome your visitors on your website is the most important part to acquire more leads and say hello to your users too will bring you great results as well. So let’s add a welcome message to your live chat.

Assign Conversation To Multiple Teammates

Is it possible to notify all teammates if a conversation has started? Yes, it is. And it’s simple. You need to assign the incoming conversations to a team shared with all your teammates.

How to hide a teammate from public

Discover how to hid a teammate from the live chat

How To Show Your Office Hours In Live Chat

When a lead or user use the Live Chat we show them automatically if you’re out of office, otherwise, we automatically reply with how much it takes to you to reply back to them.

How to assign conversations based on user's data?

If you want to assign a conversation based on the user data, you can use the Smart Assignment Rules

How to Downgrade your Subscription to Basic

Learn how to downgrade your paid plan to Basic

How to get an account id?

If you need an account id, please read this short tutorial

How to delete a Customerly Project

If you want to know how to delete your project, this article is for you