How to create and deliver a survey to your users

If you want to gather some feedback directly from your users you can run an in-app survey

If you want to gather valuable feedback from your users you can run a survey within the live chat.

The surveys are limited to active users and they cannot be delivered to leads or visitors at this moment. 

Visitors, Users, and Leads and: what's the difference?

To start a new Survey click on the Survey tab on the top navbar and click on the top right button "Create New"

The first thing is to inserts a name for your survey for internal purposes and then click Next Step.

From here select the audience you want to deliver your survey to. 

Please refer to this tutorial to learn how to create custom audiences: Build your custom audience

Once you have selected the audience, click on the top right button to proceed.

From here you can start creating as many questions you want to deliver through the live chat by clicking on the "Add Question" on the bottom of the question lists on the left sidebar.

Then select the type of question you want to use:

  • Button
  • Radio Button
  • List
  • Scale
  • Star
  • Number
  • Textbox
  • Textarea

If you choose an option with multiple choices (Button, Radio Button or List) you will add the custom answers options by clicking on the Add option on the bottom.

For each option, you can choose the right behavior to follow such as finish the survey, or jump on a specific question.

This can be useful for example if you want to offer an "Other" option (like in the example above) and ask for more information with a textarea question.

Click on default behavior dropdown and select the question you want to redirect people after that choice.

When you have completed the questions click on the top right button.

Please insert a thank you message to be shown at the end of your survey.

At the very end, check your audience numbers and decide when you want to start and stop your survey.

When you are ready, send it by clicking on the Send Now button.

That's it.