How to read surveys answers and analyze data

If you want to check your survey answers to understand your customers satisfaction, read this article

It's time to analyze your customer satisfactionIf you want to analyze your survey statistics and export them, you can do it by selecting the survey on your lists.

You will open the survey detail page with all the basic stats.

On the top of the page, you will find the number of people that:

  • Seen the survey
  • Responses rate

You will be able to check the answers and data coming only from completed surveys.

Below, you will have an aggregated series of data based on the type of questions you asked.

From the top right, you can switch to the Responses view to see all the individual responses.

The individual responses will give you an insight into the complete individual answers for each user who completed the survey.

You can even download the individual responses as CSV or XLS file under Actions button. 

If you want to check the individual responses for a specific user, you can find it under its profile page in the survey section.